Wholesale Case Study: Amy S.

Wholesale Case Study: Amy S.

The following is the inspirational story of Amy. Amy went from being a single mother living on welfare and food assistance to generating $25,000 per month in sales in less than a year.


Amy dreamed of being a mother since she was a little girl. When she got married, she wanted nothing more than to start a family as soon as possible.

After trying and trying again, she was diagnosed as infertile.

She was devastated but decided to use this as a learning experience and as a tool to help other people who had similar struggles. About a year after her diagnosis, she became certified as a fertility care practitioner.

As part of her certification, she was required to attend school for ultrasound training. It was during this training, roughly 3 years after her diagnosis of infertility, she experienced her miracle.

She was pregnant!

This was the greatest blessing she could have ever received, but it was obviously unexpected.

Soon after the birth of her son, her family began to struggle financially to keep up with their changing circumstances.

Things got dark for a while. Amy and her husband lost their home to a bank foreclosure. Soon after they went bankrupt and were forced to relocate back to her hometown, where she could afford rent.

After the relocation, it was clear their marriage was broken. It wasn’t long before divorce proceedings began.

All of Amy’s life she had dreamed of being a mother. Now she found herself a single mom, struggling to provide for her miracle son.

The thought of going to a day job and missing the milestones of his early life was heartbreaking, but she knew that she wanted to provide the very best for him. She was faced with the challenge of earning enough income to provide for him while still being a part of his life.

One night while her son was napping she saw an advertisement for The Wholesale Formula and believed, “this is it!” This was the thing that would allow her to earn the income she needed to provide for her son and allow her to stay home with him.

She borrowed money from family for the course and for the initial inventory she required. She worked very hard at first, calling companies and sourcing products while her son slept. She nearly abandoned sleep herself. She scheduled out her day to create room for her business to grow while still spending time with her son.

Within a year of taking the Wholesale Formula, she was generating over $25,000 in sales per month, all wholesale, working while her son napped.

From desperation to $25k a month in less than a year!

The benefits of TWF don’t end on Amazon. The opportunities it teaches you give the income to leverage for other goals.

Amy is now working on a Family Fertility Program that is exclusively long-distance so she can help others that struggled like she did.

Amy says that without the opportunities she discovered thanks to TWF, she would have never been able to realize this dream!

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