Making Changes to any Amazon Listing

Making Changes to any Amazon Listing

Many sellers hold a misconception about who is able to make changes to an Amazon listing. The confusion comes from the belief that only the page creator is able to edit the listing, but this isn’t the case. You have the ability to make changes to any listing on Amazon.

But why would you want to make changes to the details of an Amazon listing?

A product’s details page has a great effect on the number of units that the product will sell. Pages with too few or low-quality photos, absent or poorly written bullet points, or product descriptions will never convert as well as pages with high-quality photos and well-written copy.

Everything from the title, to the images used for a listing, has a huge impact on revenue. So, what happens when you’re selling a product that has a less than ideal page on Amazon? YOU can take action to improve those listings.

Today, I’m going to teach you how!

To understand who is able to make changes to a page, we must first understand how Page Ownership works.

Page Ownership

When a product page is created by any seller, the listing becomes a part of the Amazon Catalog. Pages in the Amazon Catalog are intended to be permanent features on, used by all future buyers and sellers.

The creator of a product page is responsible for the details of its initial content. However, page creators are not identified as page owners on Amazon.

You Can Edit Any Amazon Listing

As you know, most product pages offer the listed product from multiple sellers. Allowing multiple sellers to sh