Our Students Have Sold Over $500 Million on Amazon!

Our Students Have Sold Over $500 Million on Amazon!

*UPDATE* As of January 2021, new survey results indicate students of The Wholesale Formula have sold $1,057,143,592 on Amazon.com! Click here to read about it!

Today, Dylan and I are proud to announce our students of The Wholesale Formula have combined to sell over $500 million dollars on Amazon!

Wow! I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of our TWF community. HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!!!

Make no mistake about it, the credit for this amazing accomplishment goes directly to our students. It’s their hard work that made this possible. Dylan and I have been so blessed to serve as mentors to this talented and brilliant group of individuals, many of whom we now call our friends.

We’ve seen students…

Leave their full-time jobs.

Secure their own retirements.

Build 7-figure businesses.

Pull themselves off welfare.

Build 6-figure businesses at 19 years old.

Build 7-figure businesses at 70 years old.

And much, much more. If I took the time to tell just half of the success stories of our students, this article would be 100,000 words long! So instead, let’s look at the data behind $500,000,000 in sales.

Last month we sent out a survey to our 2,357 TWF students asking them to disclose their Amazon selling results if they were comfortable doing so. 421 students responded to the survey with their sales totaling $510,397,441.

That ends up being over 1.2 million dollars in sales per response. That is a staggering figure that really puts into perspective the success rates of our students.

We also had 1,936 students that did NOT answer the survey. I can’t imagine where that number would have landed if we had 100% participation.

And yes, despite these staggering figures, there are also people that take The Wholesale Formula and don’t get any results for one reason or another. It’s important for us to mention that because we like to be transparent. The Wholesale Formula is not a get rich quick scheme and it’s not magic. Instead, it is an extremely viable business plan that has half a billion dollars’ worth of proof it works, but it takes plenty of focus, determination, and hard work, just like anything in life worth having.

Our students are also extremely lucky. That’s because people building Amazon businesses now are getting in early on Amazon’s explosive growth.

We started The Wholesale Formula in 2015, and that year Amazon did $107 Billion dollars in revenue.

In 2016, $136 Billion dollars

In 2017, $177 Billion dollars.

In 2018, $232 Billion dollars

And in 2019, Over $278 Billion dollars

Amazon has more than doubled its revenue since we started The Wholesale Formula, but here is the really crazy part: Amazon is projected by many on Wall Street to grow more. Way more. In fact, Amazon is expected to double their revenue over the next 3 – 4 years as well.

Amazon 2022 Revenue Projection: Almost $400 Billion – Statista.com

Wall Street Bull Expects 40% Amazon growth in just 12 months – CNBC

Amazon closing in on Apple to become world first w/ trillion-dollar value – Bloomberg

Our students have seen Amazon more than double. You have the opportunity right now to get in and see Amazon more than double yet again.

Honestly, I feel lucky to be apart of this opportunity. I won’t be one of those people 10 years from now saying “man, I wish I got in on that Amazon thing in the early stages”.

Today is a celebration of our students and their amazing accomplishments. And it’s also a celebration of the opportunity that is in front us all.

I look forward to my next announcement when our students have grossed over 1 billion dollars! See you then!

(Hopefully, you will be a part of that statistic!)

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