The PROVEN Formula ANYONE Can Follow To Build
A Massively SUCCESSFUL Amazon Business.

We teach people how to run the same business model from their living room as the world’s most valuable companies...

Learn How to Find Profitable Wholesale Products You Can Sell on Amazon

Each year, we host an online workshop to teach our "formula" for finding & selling products on Amazon.

“Literally the best thing ever. I was able to do 7 figures in sales in year 1, over 2 million in year 2 and year 3 (this year), we plan on doing $10 million…”- Jonathan David, TWF Student

The Best Time To Start An Amazon Business Was Day One. The Second Best Time Is TODAY.

Amazon is now worth more than $1.5 TRILLION...

What most people don’t know is that around 50% of that money ACTUALLY goes into the
pockets of small business owners… not just Jeff Bezos or large corporations.

There’s never been a MONEY MAKING opportunity this BIG in the history of MANKIND!

Are we getting your attention yet?

Not every strategy works when it comes to growing a business on Amazon. A lot of methods out there cost thousands of dollars upfront and never guarantee a dime for you in return…

If you’re interested in following a proven path that has generated more than $1 BILLION in revenue for our students… A secret method that requires very little money to get started… One where you can create your own predictable stream of wealth, live life on your own terms, and experience the freeing lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of… Then we’d like to introduce you to our unique method to finding Amazon success…


The Wholesale Formula was created to help you leverage big brands through the power of wholesale (we’ll explain all that in a minute) to easily replicate what’s already working on Amazon.

This unique system allows you to support small mom and pop shops, so that you become the Robin Hood of Wealth and still profit at the same time, which is unlike most courses out there that promote small business competition, not cooperation.

The Wholesale Formula Gives Everyday People The Simple
Steps To Build Long Term Sustainable Businesses. Period.

“Last week was our first week with products live on Amazon and we did over $2,400 OUR FIRST WEEK!! We’re pretty stoked and are learning a ton right now...So thankful we found The Wholesale Formula!!!”
- Ryan & Karen Potteiger

How a couple of everyday guys from Kentucky
grew a $36,000,000 Amazon Business

Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost's Amazon business started with an
original investment of $600. It's all the extra money they
could cobble together at the time.

It only took a few months before their success enabled
them to leave their day jobs and sell on Amazon full-time
instead. Since then, they’ve been able to generate over
$36,000,000 in sales on Amazon and have delegated the
day-to-day operations of their business so they can spend
less time working and more time with their families6

These days, Dan & Dylan don’t work nearly as hard as they used to. In
fact, they barely get in 40 hours a week between the two of them…

and their Amazon business is doing better than ever. This is because they spent years
developing their own unique system to take advantage of wholesale opportunities
that allow their business to run, grow and flourish independently of them.

That system is called The Wholesale Formula.

Dan and Dylan now accept new students once a year to teach
them The Wholesale Formula, a blueprint of the exact steps they
used to build their own multi-million dollar Amazon business.

The mission is simple: "We were ordinary guys before discovering
the opportunity of selling on Amazon and we feel responsible to share with
others how to change their lives forever just like we did”

-Dan Meadors

Learn How to Find Profitable Wholesale Products You Can Sell on Amazon

Each year, we host an online workshop to teach our "formula" for finding & selling products on Amazon.

The Three S’s To SUCCESS on AMAZON

Scout for your products. – Use our straightforward process to identify opportunities in the Amazon marketplace that have untapped potential.

Source your products by connecting directly with brand owners and providing them REAL value to become an authorized seller of their products.
Sell profitable products by following our one of a kind system to consistently beat the market so you can have the wealth, freedom, and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

We’ve cracked the code to find the simplest and most predictable way to generate wealth on Amazon.

We’re not complicated guys. For this thing to work, we needed something scalable and straightforward.

This is our simple, proven, and POWERFUL process that will make YOU money on 
Amazon FAST by tapping into our unique reverse sourcing wholesale strategy.

"The Wholesale Formula has been huge in taking my business to the next level. I was paying myself $2,000 per month from my business before I started the course. Within 6 months of joining the program my income from the business has jumped to over $5,000" - Sean Elliott, TWF Student

The Wholesale Formula’s Impact Scorecard

Students Helped
Amazon Sales Made By Students Of The Wholesale Formula
$ 300000000
Sold by Dan & Dylan on Amazon
$ 5000000

Real People. Real Results.

“Now we’re at $90K per month and I want to say I am putting a lot of work into the business, but I’m really not.”

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Ian Bower
Former Chef

“For the first time in my life I have freedom of finances and freedom of time”

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Cheryl Breitman

“If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d be running a million dollar business out of my garage, I would have said you were crazy”

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Josh Blake
Dedicated Husband & Father
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Case Study: Amy Sherlock

The following is the inspirational story of Amy. Amy went from being a single mother living on welfare and food assistance to generating $25,000 per month in sales in less than a year.

Amy dreamed of being a mother since she was a little girl. When she got married, she wanted nothing more than to start a family as soon as possible.

TWF Student Aymeric Monello

Sells His Business For Over $400K

5 years before learning The Wholesale Formula from Dan & Dylan, French Immigrant Aymeric Monello couldn’t even speak English. In 2019, he sold his Amazon wholesale business for over $400k.

Resources to Jumpstart Your Success on Amazon

Wholesale 101: The 6-Step Guide to How I Made $6,496 Last Night While I Slept

You’ve finally found it…

This article is designed for those that want to learn how to make money online.

Even if you have no idea how or where to start, that is okay – because I am going to be showing you.

This is a blueprint; a blueprint to building an online revenue stream that makes you money even while you sleep. As a matter of fact, I did $6,496 in sales last night while I was snoozing.


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